Lesson Three

Lesson Three: Landscape With Architecture

Taught by Roxana Tuff, Artist

October 14, 2016, Friday
Cephas House, 217 MLK Drive, San Marcos, Texas 78666

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We started with a critique of work from Lesson Two.

Students post their landscapes for review.

Students discussed what they liked and didn't like, about their own work.

The wall of student work.
A closer view.
Roxana led the discussion of landscape studies.

Homework for next week:
Landscape With Architecture

Sketch and paint a landscape which includes some architecture. Keep brush strokes loose. Avoid mixing colors that create "mud tones."

Roxana sprays some yellow and then some green watercolor on the area that will become the ground.

Adding colors for the walls.

Sky added, leaving paper showing, which becomes clouds.
Shadows added, as well as lines on side wall - to indicate texture.
More colors for side wall and covered entry.
Clouds have been refined somewhat.
Students watching Roxana demonstrate the process.

Above is the finished version of the painting that Roxana started during class.

If you study the progression of these images, you can see how she layered in the colors.
watercolor barn with sky

(Updated Tuesday, October 18)

Watercolor by
 Roxana Tuff
Here is another photo that Roxana worked from:
Here is her finished watercolor:

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