Lesson Five

Lesson Five: Colorful Windows

Taught by Roxana Tuff, Artist

October 28, 2016, Friday
Cephas House, 217 MLK Drive, San Marcos, Texas 78666

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We started with a critique of work from Lesson Four.

Homework from Lesson 4 included sunsets and colorful windows.
More student work of sunsets and colorful windows.
Robert tours the wall of student work.
A wonderful variety of windows!
A closer view of student work.
Sunsets, windows, and a landscape.
Dramatic sunsets and textured walls and windows.
Roxana talks about the challenges of the assignment.

Homework for next week:
Reflective Surfaces

Bring one or two small reflective objects and a colorful object that it can reflect. A patterned piece of cloth or paper to sit the object onto or next to will work. Doing this initial painting from life is best, but if you would rather work from a photo, that is okay, too.

Examples of reflective objects:
forks, spoons, knives, metal spatula
shiny metal bowl or cup
shiny metal tools: tape measure, pliers, scissors, etc.
shiny metal vase or vessel

I hope you got a good start on the drawing on Friday and that you are "chiseling" away at the puzzling together of value/color shapes that make up your reflective image. Since that is a very complex and tedious project, just bring in what you have up to the last class day and we will work on those in class. If you finish those I'd like you to work on a painting of your choice in class. That way, if you need feedback it will be available to you before class is over.

Remember we are taking a group class photo on the last day!

Roxana  uses a metal pencil sharpener as her reflective object. She posed it on a yellow fabric surface.

After taking a photo of her still life, she traces the areas of reflectivity onto paper.
She makes the point that sharp edges are part of what makes an image appear to be reflective.

Students have set up their objects for a still life, and are beginning the composition process.

Reflective Pencil Sharpener by Roxana Tuff

Here are some examples of how reflective objects could appear in a watercolor painting:

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