Lesson Six

Lesson Six: Reflective Surfaces

Taught by Roxana Tuff, Artist

November 4, 2016, Friday
Cephas House, 217 MLK Drive, San Marcos, Texas 78666

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We started with a critique of work from Lesson Five.

A student explains how she worked on her painting.
Roxana talked about the issues that reflection cause.
Roxana poses with some student work.
Beauty in everyday things: a trashcan, a candy bowl, a copper urn.
Student work: a martini shaker, a silver bowl.
A student walks past the paintings on display.
Students crowd around Roxana as she discusses techniques that could be used in a new painting.
Roxana points out an area of the picture that is important.
In Progress: Reflective Pencil Sharpener by Roxana Tuff

 Almost Done: Reflective Pencil Sharpener by Roxana Tuff

And then, since it was the Last Day of Class, a Party happened!
A great selection of home-made snacks, provided by students.
Martinelli's Cider was a welcome addition to the party!
Students got a card to thank Roxana for the class.
Robert presents Roxana with the Thank-You card.
Reading the Thank-You card and enjoying the comments.
Group Portrait of Advanced Watercolor Class.

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  1. your courage is a gift to your family and also a gift from God your painting is a good continuation reflée your soul